User guide for the apartments

In general, we expect you to treat the apartment and everything in it as it were your own home: with respect for us and the energy and love we put into each space as well as for future guests.

All appliances in the apartments are electric and we expect you to use them consciously as you would do at home, with respect for us and the environment.
Should you break or damage anything, please let us know immediately. Depending on the amount of damage we will let you know if and what compensation is required.

We have free Wi-Fi available at the entire premises, swimming pool area included. The network is CF – Guests and no password is required.


– Yellow bags: undifferentiated/residual waste
– Blue bags: plastic and aluminium
– White bags: organic waste

– Yellow for yellow bags
– Blue for blue bags
– Brown for white bags
– Green for glass
– White for paper/cardboard

Please always use the provided bags (free of charge) when throwing waste in the containers!

We kindly request you to not leave any garbage in the apartment when checking out.

Toilet paper is included free of charge, as we sue a special biodegradable type of paper for the septic tank. Should you have finished it, please let us know and we will re supply. It is not allowed to use any other type of toilet paper and not allowed to through anything else (such as wet tissues or tampons) in the toilets.

Towels, beach towels and bed linen are included free of charge. We leave a pile of towels in the apartment. Should you have finished all of them, please let us know and we will get you some more. The same applies to the dish towels in the kitchen.
For stays of several weeks, we change bedding, towels, and beach towels 1x per week and do a ‘clean light’ of the apartment. For stays between 9 and 12 days we will ask you what you prefer in terms of the change, also considering the environment.

It is not allowed to take the normal bath towels to the pool or elsewhere (beach, lake).

We have a free of charge washing machine and dryer available for common guest use, detergent included. They are in the outdoor kitchen. We expect you to use them with conscience, also considering the environment and the speed at which laundry dries here outdoor. Each apartment has a laundry rack.

We have 2 charging station for electric cars available against payment. We expect you to carefully register the number of kilowatts used during your stay, so that we can charge you for this upon check out. We charge a very reasonable price per kilowatt based on what we pay ourselves (no profit intention) plus a one off 5-euro service cost for your stay. We will communicate the price per kilowatt upon your arrival.

When using the charging stations, please make sure you do not block the way for other cars/guests or the garbage trucks.

Each apartment has its own Sonos music system, allowing you to play Spotify etc. Simply open or download the Sonos app, locate and select the Sonos equipment present in your apartment.

Each apartment has a TV with apple TV and international apps, also facilitating Netflix streaming. We will explain the use at your arrival.

We are located at 550 meters above sea level and close to the mountains, which means that normally temperatures drop to a very pleasant level for sleeping at night with windows open. All apartments have obscuring/black out roller blinds. During hot days, we advise you to close the windows as well as the blinds/curtains to keep out as much as possible and open all windows as from early evening when it starts cooling off for natural ventilation.

Nevertheless, there is always a Dyson fan present in each apartment. We kindly request you to use them consciously with respect for us and the environment and not leaving them on all day when you are not there.

When outdoor temperatures are truly high (above 32 degrees during the day), we will also provide you with a mobile air conditioner free of charge, which we kindly ask you to turn on only when needed (meaning early in the morning when there is a lack of natural cooling and before you go to bed and/or at night) and not leave it on during the day and/or when you are not in the apartment. When outdoor temperatures are high (over 30 degrees), keeping a mobile air conditioner on during the day does not make any sense at all. It will only consume a massive amount of energy. Should you decide to keep the air conditioner on against our guidelines, we reserve ourselves the right to charge you 7.50 euro per day for it.
When outdoor temperatures are not what we consider high (over 32 degrees), the mobile air conditioners are available on request against payment of 7.50 per day.

Each apartment has infrared heating panels, adapted to the space in which they are located. That means that we have fast heating panels in the bedrooms and slower heating panels in the living rooms. Each room has a thermostat to manage the temperature, but please be aware that infrared heat is a different heat than the traditional central heating systems. It heats objects and humans instead of the air, which normally means that the room temperatures can be set at a lower level than the traditional ones for feeling comfortable. We kindly request you to consciously use the heating system, lowering the temperatures when you go out and during the night, as you would do at home.
Please be aware the infra-red panels can become quite warm, so please make sure that you do not place any plastic or other objects too close to the panels.

The bathrooms all have a traditional electric radiator that can be turned on and off by inserting the plug into the socket.

All the sockets holding plugs for the infra-red heating panels, can only be used for those panels and do not work for charging phones for instance.

You will find sockets for charging electronic equipment in most outdoor areas: in the fitness area, the area seating area, the outdoor kitchen and the swimming pool area.

When using the joint outdoor dining table or bar in the outdoor kitchen for eating and/or drinking, we kindly request you to use the placemats and coasters that are present in your apartment.

Check in is as from 16.00 and check out until 10.30. In case you want an early check in or late check out, you can always ask us. We will always try to facilitate that free of charge, only depending on the arrival of other guests and the availability of our cleaning service.

For the various appliances present there are user manuals in the apartments.

We have started the website for local places on interest, restaurants, supermarkets, local events etc.

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